i've screwed up remote access and can't get in

Microsoft Windows

In the rushed process of unjoining and then rejoining a a laptop to my SBS
network I have apparently killed remote access. I'm sure this had something
to do with my mucking around with the security settings in IIS so that I
could access the "ConnectComputer" functionality.

Unfortunately, I did not realize this unitl sitting in the airport lounge
this morning waiting for aconnecting flight about a thousand miles from the
server. Noticed that my BlackJack stopped synching last night at home, but
just thought I'd mucked up my individual account. Now I realize that I (nor
anything else) can get on remotely. Typing the usual mail.domain.com/remote
gives me the following:

HTTP Error 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Will a simple re-running of a Wizard fix my boo-boo? If so I can "get a
body" to the server console and have them run it with my coaching them over
the phone. I'm not scheduled to be home again for almost 2 weeks. I MAY also
be able to VPN into my network (albeit into a different subnet) later today,
but I'm not sure I'll be able to get to my SBS that way either, especially
since I seem to have locked her up tighter than dick's hatband.

Thanks in advance!
This magic often happens after meddling with the configuration under IIS, as
you admit. The default configuration lists the address space permitted AND
denied. Have somebody read that screen to you - the IIS screen where you
mucked up - and verify that the configuration makes sense. I.e., verify that
the permitted and denied address spaces make sense for your network.

If you mucked up somewhere else, other than the particular screen I am
thinking of, then wait for suggestions from others here.