fax to e-mail

Microsoft Windows


I know faxes can be routed to an E-mail address.

How is routing to a certain user achieved? I remember hearing that can be

In other words, what does the sender need to use and how does SBS 2003 Fax
"know" to route the fax to [email protected] instead of
[email protected] ?

Did you run the Configure Fax Services Wizard from the SBS Console yet?
There it will prompt you for the email address.
i did that. I am able to route all faxes to an e-mail.

What I am asking is how can someone send a fax to a certain user's email? Is
there 3rd party software needed?

For example, client1 wants to e-mail a fax to me. He has me as a contact in
Outlook, and ha has my fax number under "Business Fax". He opens Outlook,
selects Grigore R. (Business Fax). Will that actually go through his fax
modem and be deilvered into my e-mail mailbox? I've never done this, so I
don't know how it works.