Trend Micro with ISA help

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Hi All Trend Micro with ISA users.

I am usind Officescan suite with ISA (SP2) installed and finally figured out
a workaround to get this beast working but want to know if anyone has a
better solution. The problem is that Offiscan wants to listen on port 8080
and that screws up the proxy server. In order to get the console to launch
and updates etc I have to change the listening port on office scan to port
80 in IIS and then at the server in ie turn off the proxy in connections
temporarily. Once I have finished with console then I turn Proxy back on in
ie at server if I want to browse at server again.

Any better ideas?

PS. Happy Memorial Day from retired Fighter Pilot!!

Frank McCallister
Hi Frank,

I'm not sure if you're going to get it working short of an uninstall and
reinstall, but you might.. Reason being I'm not certain how the client
machines will react to this change.

Is officescan installed into the default virtual web site, or into a
separate vw site ?

If it's in the default web site, port 80 is the correct port, but then you
may need to work around the mime type that prevents OWA premium from

If it's installed into a separate web site, then you can't use 8080. You
must use an unused port. By default, 8080 and 8081, and 8790 are in use.
8085 would be an example of what you could use for Officescan.

Once you make changes, do an iireset from the command prompt.

Your shorcuts will probably not work anymore after changing the port that
you used for the install, but you can fix those.