Sharepoint authentication problem

Microsoft Windows

We are experiencing an odd problem with our Intranet
Company website (Sharepoint) running on a SBS 2003
server. Basically we have a couple users that are
prompted for a username and password whenever they try to
access the site. In addition the server does not accept
any credentials they enter in this login prompt and they
are not able to login. In one case simply pressing the
ESC at the login prompt will allow them access to the site.

They are valid users and are logged-in to the AD domain
and have no trouble accessing the other network
resources. There accounts also have the default access to
the sharepoint server. There accounts were also created
by the SBS user wizard.

One of the odd things about this problem is that it only
happens to a few specific users. It makes no sense, since
everyone has the same access to the network (via user

Any idea what the problem could be or how I could debug it?
I have seen this happen to, and would like to know more.

In my case, one user (out of 25) was having this problem. I backed up and
then deleted her roaming profile (and the locally cached copy on her
computer), and then logged her on again (forcing it to create a new profile
from scratch). It started working flawlessly. Go figure!

Be sure you make a backup of the profile before blowing it away in case
there is something the user needs.

Of course, I moved her favorites to the new profile (and was already using
folder redirection so My Documents & Desktop were unaffected).

Granted, this was a sledge hammer solution to an irritating problem. But
after the user gets irritated enough, they will usually put up with the
inconvenience of changing Office settings back to their preferences, as long
as Internet access is restored.

I'd love to know what the tweak should have been.
I did that and even needed took one more step, and
recreated the user account. However after a few days it
started to happen again. So at this point I am back to
square one.


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debug it?
Any more info on this?