SBS 2003 and CRM promo

Microsoft Windows

I just both CRM 1.2 with my sbs 2003. Quick question, can
I run 2 secure web site on my sbs box on port 443.

By this I want to say : I install CRm on a diferent web
site, not on default web site. I wnat to connect CRM web
site by using SSL. The problem is default web site use
443. With normal web site (no SSL) we can work with host
header and not on SSL web site. Is it a workaround to
have to site on port 443 running on same server, or my
only solution is to uninstall CRM and then chose to
install them on the default web site, and use something

I wish the question will fall in SBS 2003 newsgroup scope!
This is an update to the chapter talking about deploying CRM on Small
Business Server 2003

There is also a Yahoogroup devoted to "just" CRM+SBS stuff if you are
interested. Ping me offline.