R2 in October 2006 MAPS not R2?

Microsoft Windows

I installed R2 from the pretty brown holo CDs that all say Windows Small
Business Server 2003 R2 and the extra disk that says premium and all I got
was SBS 2003 SP1.

anybody else seen this ?

Double checked reg keys etc and it is only SP1.
Did you install the R2 part?
Found an extra disk, it didn't prompt for it during install so I thought I
had done them all.

It won't install now because it errors trying to install an IE6 security
patch. IE7 was installed as part of the 61 critical security updates
installed after the server was built.

Thank you so much for making a browser upgrade a critical install Microsoft
Thank you so much for making a robust Server install Microsoft !
Just uninstall IE7 and try again.
R2 part ?
4 cds + outlook + premium.
There are an additional 2 CD's to upgrade to R2.