Problem with 1 client computer logging in continued

Microsoft Windows

Ok, here's whets been going on for the last 2 days. I took your advice
and removed the computer from the server and then tried to re-join it. But,
I was unable to re-join it. So, since I wanted to re-install Windows XP
anyway, I re-installed the OP and then joined it back to the domain. Once I
got it connected to the domain it seems to work fine. Then a few hours
later the user said that everything was running really slow and it
eventually locked up again. I re-started the computer and once again I was
able to log in as administrator but not as a user. So, I tried to remove it
from the domain again. This time though I changed the computer name and
then re-joined the domain. Everything seemed to be working fine again. But
just now the user once again came and told me that it was doing the same
thing again. While I was still logged in as the user, I was able to ping
the server, but I was not able to browse the network with Windows Explorer.
But it then froze up so I restarted the machine and decide to ask for help
again while I waited. It is still "applying computer settings" on the
re-start and has been doing so for about 45 minutes. Does anybody have any
ideas. I completely confused and lost as how to troubleshoot this. Please
any help is greatly appreciated!!

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