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I am trying to install Blackberry Profession Software on SBS 2003 Std SP2 and
I am running into issues connecting to the database. I have successfully
installed BPS on on another SBS 2003 SP2 server. The installation fails when
it gets to the point of connecting to the server.

I have tried using cmd line to install instances but I get an error
MainEngineThread is returning 1603. I have researched that error and gotten
nowhere. I have researched the errors from the BB side (unable to connect
to database) and gotten nowhere. When I ran the install on the working SBS
it created the instance for BPS without a problem and I followed the same
procedure on this other SBS.

After spending more time researching today I am thinking there is something
wrong with the MSDE installation on the server. When i try to check the
version using osql -E I get the error Invalid Connection. However, the
Sharepoint site and monitoring are running fine on the server.

I am thinking that I may need to unistall monitoring, sharepoint and MSDE
and reinstall it. If so I am looking for the proper way to do this. Any
other suggestion would be welcome.

I know this may be a stupid question.

Is the SQL instance that you created running?
check in services.msc
No, it is not running. The instance is never created. When I run setup to
create the instance I get the MainEnginethread 1603 error. As i mentioned
when I run osql -E I don't get a prompt but an invalid connection error, so
it is not connecting to the default instance. That is probably why the BPS
install cannot connect to the db to create an instance.
ok then did you try re installing MSDE?
I also had a problem getting a new instance of MSDE installed on a SBS
2003 server. The problem was related to having several other instances
running, one being Act. My solution was to install SQL Express and run
Blackberry on that. Hope this helps.

Chi Melville
Melville IT Solutions
Microsoft Certified Partner / Small Business Specialist