Backups keep failing

Microsoft Windows

I ran a chkdsk on the last restart, but they still keep failing on System
State. (See log below) All the data partitions appear to be backed up.

Directories: 4
Files: 5
Bytes: 6,489,809,710
Time: 16 minutes and 39 seconds
Backup (via shadow copy) of "System State"
Backup set #5 on media #1

Media name: "Small Business Server Backup (03).bkf created 10/26/2008 at

Backup Type: Copy

Error: The device reported an error on a request to write data to media.
Error reported: Invalid command.
There may be a hardware or media problem.
Please check the system event log for relevant failures.
The operation was ended.

Directories: 94
Files: 1860
Bytes: 341,006,284
Time: 1 minute and 3 seconds
First check the obvious are you running out of space on the backup device?

USB drive formatted in NTFS?

See what SBS support is working on
Check your SBS with the SBS Best Practices Analyzer is formatted with NTFS. It's been working for 1year w/o any issues.
I think Russ may be right sinc I recently added a new user and imported their
local profile to the SBS domain.

Thanks for the reply!